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Care and maintenance of carpet

Care and maintenance of carpet

A lightweight manual brushing or sweeping (with soft brush and always in the direction of the hair) is the most convenient. To complement a step recommended weekly cleaner, never very strong, and taking into account that if you repeatedly change the direction of the vacuum cleaning will be more complete, but the final pass is always in the direction of the hair. It is important to adjust the brush up to the pile of the carpet as if this setting is too high, the cleanup will not be complete while if lower can damage it.

During the first month will avoid the use of the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning products daily limit ourselves to sweep a very slight shake of the rug. During this period we can see that the carpet can produce lint or even some hair peel. Do not be alarmed, this is normal due to the shearing process during manufacture.

For some hairs protrude from the surface because they never pull other fibers can drag and increase damage, just cut them using scissors and let the same level as the rest.

When we put chairs, couches or furniture that crawl, we recommend placing caps on the legs so that they do not sink into the carpet. The passage of the vacuum in such cases help raise hair. Remember that the location of this type of furniture can reduce the frequent passage of persons above carpet thereby reduce crushing it.

A common practice as bad as it is clean or move the broom / vacuum barefoot. Note that our skin releases the natural oils that collect dust so wear socks or stockings in these cases.

First month : Only light brushing / sweeping. Soft broom.
Successive Months : Brushed / sweep and vacuum.

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