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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We recommend a deep carpet cleaning at least once a year. Always follow manufacturer's both carpet cleaning and product use. In cases of doubt, consult a professional.

Before using any liquid in a test corner to make sure that the color of the carpet is maintained.

Using absorbent cotton cloth, clean undyed or blotting paper so that, regardless of the used product moisture is transmitted only to the carpet and never reach soak. Start by cleaning the outer edge and a circular, go to the center.

The application of foam (appropriate) wet, is the ideal cleaning process. Note that once the carpet cleaned, the drying time is as important as cleaning itself.

For quick drying foam can always leave it to become fully powder brush and then vacuum.

For frequent cleaning can make use of cleaning sprays offer the market.

Never step the carpet until it is dry, brushed and vacuumed.
NEVER use soap or detergent ALKALI AS damage the carpet.

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