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Removal of carpet stains

Removal of carpet stains

Given a stain is the most important to act quickly. Most of the spots disappear if not cleaned immediately and let dry or penetrating the fabric.

In the case of "liquid stains" use an absorbent cotton cloth, clean and unstained or blotting paper to remove as much of the spilled liquid. If it is a water-based stain once applied absorbent paper pour some carbonated water and let dry after appropriate enough time to brush and vacuum.

For semisolid or grease stains use a spoon or the back of a knife and then rub from the edge to the center of the stain.

When the stain is very strong, it takes time or has penetrated inside the carpet is necessary to apply solvents or detergent. In these cases, remember to never apply more than recommended by the manufacturer. If the result was not satisfying enough, just repeat. Never use solvents in latex-backed carpet or rubber sheet.


Use paper towel to remove as much ink as possible. Then use water and lemon juice and finally alcohol.

Red Wine
Soak immediately with absorbent paper or cloth to press. Use lemon juice and rinse with a damp cloth.

alcoholic drink, tea, ice cream, jam, coffee, soft drinks, Blood
Use paper towel and then apply a solution of water with detergent and vinegar circular rubbing Once dry apply carpet dry solvent (perchlorethylene, trichlorethylene, ...) and let dry again. Finally brush the carpet.

pencils, paint, gum, lipstick, Fruit
Remove the substance and apply solvent to dry then pour a solution of detergent and vinegar and repeat the dry cleaning solvent. Dry and brush.

Only use a solution of detergent and water if the stain persists rinse with a little alcohol.

Applying talcum powder benzol and blotting paper covering. If you act quickly apply a hot iron using tissue paper.

milk, egg, sweet sugar
Use half solution of water and rubbing alcohol in a circular.

In this case it is convenient to let the stain dry. Once scraped, use in a well ventilated room, a mixture composed of one liter of water and a tablespoon of ammonia. Allow to dry.

It is important to read the manufacturer's instructions. Should not be possible to find the manufacturer, try using hot water or acetone pressing with a clean cotton cloth.

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